Yucky morning

Elf the goat checks things out during last evening's snow
Elf the goat checks things out during last evening’s snow

Tired and more tired of this weather!  By the time I was doing an errand in town yesterday afternoon it went from nothing, just cloudy, to snowy white-out conditions.  It kept up like that into the evening, and then during the night I was repeatedly awakened by dripping rain pushing the snowpack off the roof and hitting the ground hard.

Henny Penny relaxes in a dry corner
Henny Penny relaxes in a dry corner

It’s just drizzling now, and my sheepie girls are all wet and messy (they don’t believe in sleeping indoors).  I tried to get most of their hay into inside feeders, but nothing in our setup is totally weather-impervious, with the exception of one side of our main greenhouse where we put the lambing jugs.  Soggy sigh.

I had one foot out the door this morning to get started for work when I got a text saying that we have a one hour delay.  Hmmm.  Not much I can get done here at home (seeing as how I am dressed and ready to go), so I probably will get started in a little bit anyway and take my time on the road.  Kids could be a little unfocused today… they were all counting on a snow day!    :*)

2 thoughts on “Yucky morning”

  1. Seeing Henny Penny tucked safely in a corner made me smile. Sorry to hear it is such a mess up there. Thank goodness you haven’t sheared yet!!

  2. I know, I still do not know how she survives with all the ermines and other predators around. She’s chugging along!

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