Fiber loft working

P1000593The weather over the weekend was pretty grey and nasty.  By the end of the day Sunday the wind had come up and by yesterday morning the air temps were very mild, but the wind was bitter.  We are all watching that big storm as it moves toward us, hopefully not leaving too much snow behind as it comes in tomorrow or Thursday.

P1000591I spent most of the day Sunday up in the “fiber loft.”  Actually got a lot accomplished, more than I thought I would.  But still quite a long way to go.  At least I have a setup that I think will be able to show our yarn and roving product well, should folks stop by the house.  I am going to create another more portable setup for the farmer’s market.  Thankfully that won’t begin until the second Saturday in June, after the annual Maine Fiber Frolic.

Loom under the mess
Loom under the mess

Most of the reason I am working up there is because I can’t get anything accomplished.  I am working on fighting my way to the loom on the far end of the space.  I have a project almost all planned out, and I am itching to get started.  In order to do that I need to find a spot where I can hang my warping board to measure out the warp yarn.  And before that can even happen, I need to sort fleeces (piles of fleece each still in its own sheet, clogging up the floor space) to get them out to be processed into yarn or roving.  It is coming along and hopefully I can spend most of the day this coming Sunday.  After all, I will have natural light pouring in all those lovely windows much later into the day than usual!

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