Daylight saving weekend day 2

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Sunday turned out to be a grand day!  Loved every minute of it.  Didn’t sleep that well Saturday night, but hung in bed until the clock said 6:30 (old time, 5:30).  When I got out to feed the sheep (new time 8 a.m., old time 7 a.m.), things were still cool from the night in the low twenties, but the sun felt marvelous.  Nice firm ground, sun in the trees.  Nice, nice very nice!

I went back in after chores and did some more organizing in the fiber loft, and around 10:30 our son, grandson, and step-grandson came over for a visit.  So we had a lovely visit.  I think our grandboy has grown like a weed in the past two weeks since we saw him last!  And after that I went back out to the paddocks and re-organized the sheep groups.  I needed to get some extra fencing up as Zelda the Escapee Goat was being moved into the paddock with Zorro the llama.  So there was a lot of shifting of fencing panels and then it came time to move the animals.  I had to take SnowPea and Pippi out of the mix so that the bred ewes that were in with Jingle the donkey would come through the gate into the other paddock.  As of this morning, Pippi still has her knickers in a big twist and is quite angry with me for the move.  She doesn’t have anyone to push around now and definitely has quite a goatie attitude!

Altogether, the weekend was superb.  After work today I did a little cleaning up and straw scattering of the bigger of the two greenhouses. Have to get the ewes that are going to be shorn this weekend under cover for the night and probably for most of tomorrow and into Wednesday.  Sounds like we are going to have a lot of rain.


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