Lost in my lists

Ewes in the greenhouse staying dry
Ewes in the greenhouse staying dry

Well, this week is just clipping along so fast I can barely keep up with it.  Keeping in mind the upcoming shearing on Saturday and then lambing in a few weeks has me making lists, losing them and making more lists.  At least I have my due dates all plotted out in a spreadsheet so we are ahead on one item!  This weekend I will need to inventory all of our lambing supplies and see what is missing, along with ordering the new eartags.

Monday afternoon I got the isolation/keep dry quarters cleaned out and ready to go for the ewes who are to be shorn.  The forecast for yesterday was rain by noontime and hard rain overnight, so I knew that I would have to put the girls into the greenhouse pen yesterday morning at chore time.  I always like to have a plan when catching or penning animals and frequently, even when everything is in place, I either get all the girls I don’t want in the pen, or I get everyone I need in the pen except for one, who then leads everyone else out, running hysterically in circles.  It’s always an adventure of one kind or another.

Yesterday I went out extra early to make sure that I had time for Plan A, and for Plans B and C if needed.  Time change meant darkness, which might have actually worked in my favor, for once.  I fed Jingle’s noisy goatie group, and then split my hay up for the big group.  I walked very nonchalantly into the greenhouse pen and began putting out hay.  I expected Zorro the llama to be right at my elbow along with Beezus the piggy ewe and the two lambie girls.  All of whom I did not want in the pen.  As I turned around to see who followed me in, I almost fainted.  I kept counting, and all I could come up with were the 5 ewes I wanted.  Wow!  That never happens, what a treat!  But of course, the minute I latched the panels together and began tying the joins (so they can’t rub on them and pull them apart), they all lined up with their noses over the edge, balling their heads off.  I am sure the neighbors didn’t appreciate the ovine calls at 5:15 a.m., particularly when Jingle the Donkey joined in on the fun.  I guess she figured if she hollered loud enough, she might whatever the other must surely be getting.  Phew.


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