Shearing day 2013

Emily getting started on Etti
Emily getting started on Etti

We got lucky and had a beautiful day for shearing.  Much colder than the last few weeks, but nice and clear, and the ground was firm for the first half of the day so no one had to slog through mud.  Because of the setup in the greenhouses, we ended up haltering each ewe, walking them across the paddock, and Emily sheared them in the milking greenhouse.  It worked out very well, lots of great helpers came and by noon we were back in the house getting a nice meal together.

Skirting one of the fleeces
Lots of help skirting the fleeces!

With only five ewes to be shorn, things moved along nicely.  We had a lot of time to knit, laugh and visit.  Our grandson came early in the afternoon and is staying with us tonight.  I honestly don’t feel like doing much!  I think it’s a good evening for being lazy and playing Thomas the Tank games :*)

Remains of the feast
Remains of the feast

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