Apres shearing

Pregnant ewes at the feeder, newly shorn
Pregnant ewes at the feeder, newly shorn with coats

March is such a fickle month.  I was very happy to be shearing mid-March instead of the third weekend in February.  One presumes slightly warmer weather.  The past day or two have proven us wrong.  The temperatures are back down in the 20s during the day and teens – or possibly tonight – the single digits!!!  AARGH!  My naked girls who are 3 to 4 weeks away from lambing must be cold.  The wind has come up and I had to add a few more layers to my chore clothes today.  Brrr.

Luckily, we had help yesterday afternoon.  Chris and Pam stayed long enough to help me get the shorn ewes into some sheep coats late in the day.  I usually don’t re-coat the pregnant moms, but due to the weather we thought it might be prudent.  I also usually keep my shorn girls penned for two days after shearing to let their lanolin come to the surface, which very effectively gives them a great wind-proofing.  But pregnant sheep need to be moving around so they don’t have issues, and we had had to pen them since last Tuesday morning because of the bad weather, so I really wanted to let them out into the paddock to get moving again.  And so it goes.

I am happy to have them shorn.  I always worry that I can’t get a good butt-view with a big fleece on them.  I also don’t dock tails as short as most do, so it’s really important that we get a good view of the hind quarters as lambing approaches.  I am always afraid that one of the ewes will have a prolapse.  We can deal with it if we catch it early enough, so it’s a great thing to be able to stay on top of it!


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