Chickadees claim spring, snow says not yet thank you

Newly-naked girls wait for breakfast
Newly-naked girls wait for breakfast

Another big, fast moving storm.  Eek.  Looking at the weather forecast, I can’t imagine the snow hanging around too long with temperatures in the upper thirties for most of the week.  And I really am not looking forward to much more shoveling.  Hopefully our lambs will hold off for the next week or so!  (Although when I looked at my due dates calendar, I realized that one of our first time moms has a date for this Friday.  I don’t think she will go, though, because she got re-bred in her next cycle.  It was the first afternoon that the ram joined the group… !)

Zelda and Elf
Zelda and Elf

When I went out to do chores this morning,  all I could hear were chickadees singing the two-note song that I never hear during the winter, only in the spring and into the summer.  Apparently they are ready for the big equinox tomorrow.  Too bad no one told the wintersmith (thanks to Terry Pratchett for that name. Love that book, really that whole Tiffany Aching series).  I am ready as well.  Tramping through a foot of snow loses its appeal very quickly in March :*)


2 thoughts on “Chickadees claim spring, snow says not yet thank you”

  1. I am thinking that i might put coats on my woolie girls next winter, they don’t really need extra feed they can just eat the hay out of each other!! Cold here too, not as snowy as you though, our snow has been rubbish, no more lambs for me though. hope yours goes well.. c

  2. I think coats are great. I just have to watch my girls in the summer humidity. Sometimes they felt under the coats, so I usually leave them off until breeding time (if they are down in the pasture).

    Thanks. I hope lambing goes well too!

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