Happy Spring 2013

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Quite a beautiful day out there once we got past how much snow needed to be shoveled.  Snow day yesterday, 2-hour delay today. The roads were not fun on the way to work but by this afternoon things were much improved.  I was out this morning shoveling the feeder out when the official Spring sprang, but chores this afternoon were delightful with the sun on the snow, and the wind had died down.  And so we march on toward “real” spring, and hopefully some lambs will be arriving at the end of next week!  You can see how large HoneyBea is in the photos (the silver shorn ewe with no coat on… she got it half off and all tangled in it yesterday).

Just hoping that this is the snow’s swan song!


4 thoughts on “Happy Spring 2013”

  1. They are LaManchas and LaMancha crosses. They have very tiny ears! Supposed to be a very docile breed, they also have wonderful milk with a good amount of butterfat.

  2. It’s beautiful but I don’t envy you the snow. Another one heading our way! Spring continues it’s march in but winter is very reluctant to move aside this year.

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