Baby time, kind of

Melanzane, not a happy camper.
Melanzane, not a happy camper.

We have been watching all of the ewes and does very closely.  When I got home Wednesday after work and after another meeting, I got changed up for chores and went out to find our brown goat, Melanzane, having a kid.  She is a first timer and has been difficult to breed.  Unfortunately, our luck with her has not gotten any better.  Her beautiful, gorgeous doeling was stillborn.  Big baby, but Melanzane managed to handle things herself.  She was distraught, and things were not good.  We tried to get the baby breathing, but I believe that she had been dead for awhile.  Mel is low goat on the totem pole, and they beat on each other from time to time and I am thinking that she got a belly bash.  Sigh.

I hate starting the baby season with a negative.  She didn’t want us to take the baby away, but at a certain point after she had some time to clean her off, we penned Mel and took care of it.  Poor girl, she just called and called for the 36 hours after.  We have not been planning on keeping Melanzane, and I guess in the long run, this just makes it a little easier.

We still do not know for sure if Pippi the doe is bred, but we are presuming she is and that she will kid in the near future.  Hard to tell, and I guess we just have to keep an eagle eye out.  HoneyBea the ewe is due today.  Her belly doesn’t look like it’s dropped yet, so maybe she will opt for a daytime delivery over the weekend!


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