Web news, at last

HoneyBea still hanging in there
HoneyBea still hanging in there

No lambs yet, however.

It’s been a month and a day since I began the transfer of our ruitfarm.com domain to another webhost.  It’s been fraught with crazed phone calls and a lot of: okay now we will do this step and then that will take at least 24 hours, or a week, or possibly more.  What a learning curve it’s been!  But at last, I have the site up and running again.  This morning I finally was able to ftp into the new server and easy as pie, it appeared (fancy way of saying that I uploaded all the files that together make a website).  The whole process was definitely not fun!  But at least most of it is over now, and we just have to wait for our second domain (ruitfarmnorth.com) to be released from the local company for transfer to the new host.

Onward!  Now I simply have to do some hard tweaking on the site and get things refreshed and reorganized a little bit.  But that would appear to be the easy part at this point :*)


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