Lambing tidal wave

Esther's white ram lamb
Esther’s white ram lamb

What a weekend!  We went from waiting patiently on Saturday to having everyone have their lambs in a 36 hour period.

Saturday night I checked on everyone around 8 PM and there was absolutely no action.  Esther kept giving me that bored teenage look while nonchalantly lying there comfortably chewing cud.  When I got out there at 10:15 it was another story: there was Esther with two ram lambs out in the paddock.  One black and one white.  Nice size, too.  She had them all cleaned off, they were both fed, and both were on their feet.  We got them situated in their greenhouse pen and I went to bed wondering about the other two ewes.  In the morning,  still not a thing happening.

Our friend Chris with one of Esther's boys
Our friend Chris with one of Esther’s boys

I got up early on Sunday and did chores.  I was looking forward to getting to Hatchtown Farm‘s shearing day, which is always a social day for seeing old friends and meeting lots of new fiber folk. We had a lovely day, and an even lovelier afternoon potluck.  One of our friends from Bridge Farm, Kathy, came home with us.  As we drove down the driveway, we saw that our first-timer, Etti, had two lambs standing with her in the paddock.  The black ram had just been born, but the white one was up, clean and moving.  We got them inside the greenhouse and spent a lot of time helping them get their first meals as Etti’s teats are very large and they had some coordination issues.  But those boys had quality bellyfulls by the time Kathy left.  We tried penning Fern, the last holdout, before dark, but she remained elusive.

Etti's boys
Etti’s boys

Yesterday morning I powered through chores even though I wasn’t feeling very well.  I managed to get Fern penned just in case (although she knocked me down twice before I got her into the greenhouse!).  I made it a few miles up the road toward work when I had to turn around because of a gastro emergency.  Don’t know if it was a Noro virus, but all was not well.  Sheesh.  And of course Fern decided it was her turn.   John was ready anyway as he knew I was on my way to work, and just as luckily it was an easy birthing.  We thought just one very huge, gorgeous black ewe (!).  But an hour and a half later, a white ram made his entrance.  Wow.  And the lambs were up and fed in record time.  Both 13 pounders.

Fern's black ewe and white ram
Fern’s black ewe and white ram

So Lambing 2013 is finished.  We had 8.   7 rams, 1 ewe.  Having 7 babies on the ground is a very nice complement of lambs, considering we only had 4 ewes bred.  Definitely time for a celebration (which I am hoping will be uninterrupted sleep!).  The wind was an issue most of last week and the weekend, but maybe it was better than fighting the rain that we appear to have scheduled for all of this one!


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