Peepers are here, lambs are settling in

P1000824After the great lambie freedom move yesterday, they have sorted themselves and seem to be finding their way in the big paddock on the hill.  Last night when I went out to check on them it had been raining, so everyone was in the greenhouse.  But they were not organized the way I expected to find them:  only one of Fern’s babies was actually sleeping with her, and most of the lambs were scattered around, cuddled up to whomever.  It was definitely a hoot!  2 lambs were cuddled with one of our yearling ewes, 2 were snuggled with Zorro the llama, and the others were just here and there.  I have not seen that happen a lot, but everything was good and no one had a meltdown in the night.  The rain must have stopped a little after midnight, and by the morning they were all sleeping out on the paddock hill.  A little more organized by family, too.

Two nights ago we began hearing the spring peepers.  It wasn’t very strong then, but tonight it’s almost deafening!  I love it :*)  Maybe spring is really almost upon us.  Here’s hoping!  (Although it appears as though we need to get through another snowfall tomorrow first…)


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