Frog central

Sweater in progress
Sweater in progress, colors are nicer than in the photo!

No peepers are involved here!  I am only speaking of the sweater I began knitting about a year ago.  Beautiful yarn from our flock that I had hand-dyed.  I have been working on this neck-down sweater for the past year, and I have gotten far enough that I believe I cannot go much farther. I dyed the skeins that I thought I would need, and  I think it was not enough.  I am not finished with the body of the sweater and there definitely is not enough yardage to knit the sleeves, even if I used a different yarn for the trim band.

And so I am thinking about frogging the project and knitting a lovely vest instead of a sweater!  It might be just the ticket.  I love, love love the yarn, so I guess that I can rip-it, rip-it, rip-it.  And move on.  Big sigh.


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