Another lamb mishap


Definitely little boy blue
Definitely little boy blue

We don’t know how it happened, but Etti’s white ram lamb is not in very good shape today.  When I went out to chores this morning I found him on the wrong side of the fence, over in with Jingle the Donkey, 2 goats and 3 ewes.  We didn’t hear any crazed calling during the night, so we really don’t know when it happened. The lamb was not chilled, so I am thinking sometime early morning.

It appears as though he may have a spinal cord injury, or may have broken his back.  We brought him inside, and he has been hanging out in the dining room by the table.  We were advised to give him an anti-inflammatory to see if that might take some swelling down.  Not a great prognosis, I am afraid.  But for now we will continue watching him and feeding him bottles, and I guess continue hoping for a miracle :*(


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