Lambs are one month old already!

Esther and her white ram lamb in the greenhouse
Esther and her white ram lamb in the greenhouse

Wow.  That truly went fast.  Yikes.  I had intended to do the first CD&T shots at about 3 weeks old, but time got away from me (Enterotoxemia and Tetanus caused by the toxins of Clostridium. perfringens types C and D and Clostridium tetani – taken from the label on the bottle, Bar-Vac).  Most of our lambs will be going as meat animals, and the rams are not as apt to be brought down by Clostridial infections, but the tetanus is what I am after for them.  For the ewes, all of it is really important.  Traditionally the lambs get two doses: the first at one month and then again at two months, but lately we have been reading about doing the shots a little bit earlier and possibly doing three.  If our moms have had their booster within a month of lambing, I am not sure that I need to do it much earlier as hopefully they have passed it to the lambs before birth.  

Esther's black ram lamb, drinking from the hose
Esther’s black ram lamb, drinking from the hose

So anyhow, today needed to be the day.  We had a lovely visit from our grandson yesterday and then overnight, so I decided to try and grab the little ones in the creep this afternoon.  The weather is clear, sunny and cooperating. My biggest problem is that these lambs don’t ever seem to go into the creep all together at the same time.  Other years I could just time it and wait until they were all chowing down, then pop a stop gate across the creep gate, and they are mine (bwaa ha ha!).  When I went out for chores this afternoon, armed and ready, I saw that 4 of the 6 were in the creep.  Wow!  I hit the jackpot.  I only had to grab two and carry them in.  Which I did in very short order, but holy crow, they are heavy!

Lambs at the feeder this morning
Lambs at the feeder this morning

They have all gained the weight expected of them.  All the lambs are 29.5 to 37 pounds.  Most are in the 30-32 lb range,  We hope to see about a gain of a pound a day on average, and these babes are right where they are supposed to be.  Little buggers did my back in, however.  I am sore now.  I couldn’t fit all of them into the 5 gallon bucket for weighing, and had to trick them into standing still in a sling.  Ugh.  I should be sitting in the tub right about now, and a massage wouldn’t hurt either!


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