Henny Penny goes AWOL, again

On Saturday I went out to do chores about 6:30 in the morning and after I was done, I realized that Henny Penny, aka Bad Chicken #1, had not been hovering around my feet begging for grain tidbits.  I looked around the compost piles, as they are some of her favorite places to peck into – nice worm opportunities – and nothing.  Later in the day I did a more thorough search and was disheartened as I didn’t find her anywhere.

Henny Penny in her broody corner
Henny Penny in her broody corner

I was moaning about it to my husband that night, saying that I knew it had to happen eventually, but also about how much I would miss her.  He laughed and said that he knew where she is hanging out…  she has gone broody again and is sitting on a little stockpile of eggs!  In the back of one of our greenhouses we still have a brooder setup that we use for brooding our meat birds, and she has been laying her eggs there.  John has been collecting them, but he marked the old ones that we hadn’t found right off, and was just taking her one new egg each day.  (How a 4 year old hen is still laying eggs regularly, I don’t know!).

A brief break to get some sustenance
A brief break to get some sustenance

I am glad to know that she is safe, so far, and she even made a very brief appearance on Sunday to forage for some green stuff.  And my husband was way ahead of me when he said that he had gone to the neighbor to get some fertile eggs to put under her.  She has been sitting on a glorious pile of infertile green-shelled eggs. Hopefully the brown eggs John tucked under her will hatch. They will be Barred Rocks.  It would be lovely to have a few chicks!

If she hatches out any of the eggs, Henny Penny will be a very elderly first time mother :*)

6 thoughts on “Henny Penny goes AWOL, again”

  1. I too am rooting for Henny Penny! One of these day’s I’d like to have a broody hen hatch some eggs.

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