Rain is here, thank goodness

Lambs at dark
Lambs at dark

We never look forward to rainy weekends, but since we can’t order up the weather, it gave me the incentive to get some things done around the house (and, the fire danger is so high it was a good thing).  I needed to make a batch of soap, so that was first on my list for today, and then I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen doing all kinds of things.

One of the white rams with our ewe lamb
One of the white rams with our only ewe lamb

This evening John was outside checking on something and he came in and told me that there was a lot of baaing going on up in the paddock.  I stuck my head out the back door and couldn’t hear much, but the wind had really come up and was gusting pretty hard.  Sometimes the wind is enough to unsettle the ewes, but instead of simply wondering about it, I took a walk up there and spent some time in the paddock.  It wasn’t raining at that point, the lambs were playing hard up at the top of the hill, and the ewes were calling to them, without much response.  A lot of jostling and jumping going on and I tried to take some photos in the twilight.  Couldn’t get the action shots, but when they stopped jumping around for a moment I got a fairly decent picture of them wondering what I was doing out there at this time of night!

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