I am so easily amused

One of Esther's very curious boys!
One of Esther’s very curious boys!
Esther's boy thinks the camera is something good to eat!
What a mug!

It really doesn’t take much!  I had a great time outside yesterday taking photos.  I don’t manage to grab the camera every chore time, and frequently I wish I had it with me as one of the sheep or goats is frequently doing something cute or funny.


SnowPea the goat is getting rounder by the day.  Her due date is at the end of May, so I am pretty sure she really is going to give us some kids.  The lambs are growing like hotcakes and their moms are not being as solicitous with feeding times.  They are just about 6 weeks old now.  I can’t believe it!  Pretty soon it will be weaning time.

Esther trying to extricate herself!
Esther trying to extricate herself!

3 thoughts on “I am so easily amused”

  1. They always make me laugh down on their knees to get a drink. Mama is thrilled to have weaned hers finally. What a cute littl lamb.. c

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