Sunday of a busy weekend

4 lonely dyed skeins
4 lonely dyed skeins

I am taking a Red Zinger tea break right now.  Running from one thing to the next trying to get ready for a visit from my older son and his girlfriend for Memorial Day weekend.  In reality, most of what I am doing is trying to continue getting ready for the Maine Fiber Frolic which is two short weeks from now!  Yow!  To that end, I did a little bit of yarn and lock dyeing today, but not as much as I had meant to.

Temporary pen
Temporary pen


Nutkin enjoying the green
Nutkin enjoying the green

I really needed to set up a temporary pen right outside of one of the paddocks so that I could get the three ewes and two goats in there to eat up the green stuff.  It’s just enough to begin getting their rumens ready for more.  So back I must go soon to invite them to return to their paddock.  We are supposed to be getting some fairly serious rain tonight and tomorrow, and I don’t like to have them eating drenched grass early on before they are totally out on pasture.  So they have had a few hours of fun.  And I think it’s about time for me to get back to work!

(While I am rushing from one thing to the other, I decided that I would love to listen to one of my favorite audiobooks again.  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is an excellent read, but it’s an even better audio.  The book is a series of letters back and forth between all the characters, and the audio is done by a group of actors, so there is a male voice reading the letters from men, and female voices for the women.  It’s fantastic!  If you have a chance to give it a listen, it’s wonderful.  Post WWII Europe, Channel Islands, remembrances of the islanders’ experience during the German occupation, and a little bit of a love story all rolled into one.  Very satisfying!)


One thought on “Sunday of a busy weekend”

  1. What a GREAT book that is! I haven’t heard the audio version, but the book is so fantastic. 🙂

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