It’s Monday again

Our little bucky boy.
Our little bucky boy.

The Fiber Frolic went well, even allowing for the nasty, humid hot weather.  I don’t believe that we had as many visitors coming through, but it was enjoyable catching up with old friends and folks I don’t see as often as I would like.

SnowPea and boy
SnowPea and boy

On another note, our little bucky boy is doing well.  I was kind of concerned in the beginning that he was not getting enough milk from Mama SnowPea.  Her teats are extremely large and they hang very low.  I can see him walking up to them, butting, and then not latching on.  But he is pooping and peeing regularly and he is a perky little pete.  I finally got a chance to see him in action:  SnowPea gets down on her front knees and tilts her udder up to him and he gets on from behind!  What a hoot!  What a good mama!  And today I actually saw him grab hold from the front for a few seconds.  He is already nibbling on hay, and now that they are on the side of the fence with the lambs, he will have the creep feed to snack on as well.  That will be good.

P1010141Another interesting thing:  the lambs don’t know what to do with him!  They follow him around, but they don’t mess with him.  Maybe SnowPea has already given the mother’s warning!  Don’t mess with my baby :*)  His auntie, Pippi, is being a wonderful caregiver as well.  She allows him to nibble on her beard and jump all over her!  When I went out this morning, he was sleeping between her and SnowPea.  How much better can it get.


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