First summer week 2013

white_ram_2013 lamb_mob

Our growing goatie boy!
Our growing goatie boy!

It’s been a long one, that’s for sure. Still gimping around, although my back is very slowly getting better.  I can mostly walk up the driveway without too much trouble, but still no lifting at all, and I need lots of rests in between.  I took over milking SnowPea but can’t carry the bucket back up to the house, so I must depend on John for that.  I think the massage that nearly killed me on Monday definitely loosened things up!

It’s now almost the summer solstice already and today was absolutely one of the most gorgeous days we have had.  70s with a little breeze accompanied by sun all day.  It was a pleasure even when I was resting inside.  Our friends from down the peninsula came this afternoon to pick up the two lambs they are buying from us and it had to have been a record for lamb-capture!  (I usually pen everyone in a small area so that we can just pluck the lucky ones out, but I couldn’t set up a pen because of my back. That meant that all the sheep and goats were just milling about in the whole area.) Mike and I walked into the paddock and as Fern’s white ram ambled past him, I told him that was one of them and he had him in a heartbeat.  While Mike was getting the ram settled in the car, I showed his wife where the other one was (hiding under a flap of the greenhouse to get away from the bugs), and she just stood next to him and when he began to get up, she had him.  We didn’t need to get the grain bucket out, but we also didn’t get to have a little bit of a chat, the boys were in their car so quickly!  I am sure that they are settling in well in their new home. Big boys both of them.  They will grow well and  I am glad they have found a good home.  And, it’s two less mouths for us to feed :*)


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