This is becoming a habit

Another weekend and week has come and gone and I have not gotten a blog post out. I am still battling back issues and trying to get into summer mode. A lot of things around here are wanting accomplishment, so yesterday I continued trying to get the ‘fiber loft’ in order. Reorganizing books and back issues of magazines had me happily engaged for a few hours. The fiber stash needs a lot more organizing, however!

This past Saturday marked the third of our Bristol Farmer’s Markets for this summer. This year we are installed right in the middle of Bristol Mills at Ellingwood Park, instead of being farther down the peninsula. It’s a great spot, and because of the area, our booths are closer together and it’s a little cozier.

Our little goatie boy is growing like a weed. We don’t usually disbud (or dehorn) bucklings here as they are mostly destined to go for meat. This little one is showing his hornbuds now and is getting to be the class clown of the paddock. He excels at teasing the lambs and then running away. He is like greased lightning, and unlike his mother SnowPea, is definitely not interested in interacting with me!

Getting ready today for the incoming high humidity and heat. We can’t complain too much, we have been having very cool weather up until the past week or so. This will mark the beginning of ‘real summer!”



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