The Heat is on

It feels as though someone hit the ‘hot’ switch and now we are having a week of the hot and humids.  It is almost July, after all, so what can we expect!

Jingle is groomed and happy
Jingle is groomed and happy

This morning it was Jingle the Donkey’s turn to get some pampering.  We had an appointment with Farrier Fred, and so after I fed all the sheep and the goats, I took Jingle out of the paddock, haltered her, and took her to a nice grazing area near one of the greenhouses.  She got a little bit of shade there, and while she munched, I finished grooming what was left of her winter coat off of her.  She loves to be groomed, and I don’t do it enough.  This should be the last time this season that I need to comb her for shedding, though!  So she was ready for the farrier.  He came on time, as usual, and they worked in the shade of the driveway.  She is good to go until late August, so that is another thing off my summer list!

We had some little breezes blowing through the house earlier today, and other than cleaning out some long overdue items from the fridge, I have not done that much.  It’s in the ’90s outside, and I am guzzling ice water until it’s time to go to the grocery.  Not in the mood for anything hot tonight, so we are going to put our leftover steak onto salads.  I think that’s about all we may be up for :*)

Tesser the Chihuahua, not sleeping in the sun
Tesser the Chihuahua, not sleeping in the sun

And Tesser has even given up sleeping in her sunny windowsill and has taken up her napping position on top of one of our shorn fleeces in the corner.  I am sure she was not happy to find out that the windowsill was even too hot for a naked little chihuahua belly!


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