Staying cool, or at least making the attempt

Catch pen before the catching!
Catch pen before the catching!

Suddenly, it has become a hot and humid summer.  These past few days have been so hot and sticky that I worry about the people and the animals!  We are definitely doing our best not to do too much work in the middle of the day.  To that end, I got up extra early this morning to get out and not only do chores in a cooler part of the day, but also to do some more strenuous work, worming everybody, and switching up some of the animal groups.

I was not ready to get up this morning at 5 or even 5:30, when I actually did get out of bed (leaving the air conditioned bedroom wasn’t too difficult, it was still nice from the night air).  We had been on a ‘cruise’ last night to view the Boothbay Harbor fireworks from the water, which is always much more pleasant, particularly in hot weather.  It was wonderful, but we didn’t get home until close to midnight, which is definitely past our usual bedtime!

As I got everyone penned this morning, I tried to make sure that I didn’t do anything to irritate my slowly healing back, and everything was fine, except that by the time I was finished I had a little bit of heat exhaustion.  Except for water bucket duty, I have remained inside getting other things accomplished during the day, and even that has been challenging.  Early July in Maine is usually an up and down ride of hot and humid or breezy and nice/hot days.  We are pretty lucky to live so close to Muscongus Bay, as we normally have onshore breezes even in the hottest of weather.  But, I suspect we are not having that today, that’s for darn sure!  Oh well.  At least the trees and wooded areas around the house offer a green and cooling visual effect.  It helps a little, anyway!

2 thoughts on “Staying cool, or at least making the attempt”

  1. Unfortunately, no. We are both missing her, but all of our efforts to find her so far have failed. Very sad.

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