Tricks on the hoof


Playing separately, but together
Playing separately, but together

Well, the new boy didn’t cry all night, which is a blessing.  His breeder told us that he was a bit of a mama’s boy, so I was mildly worried about it, but these things usually work themselves out.  I stayed out with the group a lot yesterday, trying to monitor how he was interacting with them all, and he took his lumps, but seemed to be learning his way around.

This morning I went out and found that he was bedded down in the greenhouse with all the other goaties and the llama.  So even if he’s not best friends with anyone yet, he felt comfortable enough to be there, and obviously they let him.  And today he seemed to be warming up to the other little buck and this afternoon found them frolicking on the big rock, and nibbling at each other’s collars, jumping around separately-but-together.  Which pleased me for sure.

What a way to go!  Bellying up to the bar, so to speak
What a way to go! Bellying up to the bar, so to speak

Our new little guy also has some tricky moves up his hoof:  this is what I found him doing at feeding time this afternoon.  Yes, you got it, he is IN the feed trough, eating his way across.  Little bugger figured out a way to get his grain and the adult does couldn’t push him aside!  Oh boy, it was pretty funny.  And I guess he is a good role model, because the next thing I knew, our little golden boy was doing the same thing on the other side of the feeder.  Tricky boys!  The girls didn’t know what to do about it, so they left them alone.  I just need to prevent these little guys from gobbling up too much grain, or they are going to have sore bellies.

Now we are playing together
Now we are playing together

They didn’t stay in the feeder long, pretty soon they were out and playing on the rock again.  While the mamas cleaned up the grain.


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