Summer Saturday

SnowPea's boy playing
SnowPea’s boy playing

Farm Market Saturday.  Thank goodness the humidity has been very low for the past four days or so.  We have had some awesomely beautiful weather.  Lots of people came out for the market this morning, and we had  a lovely time.  Pam of Hatchtown Farm and I share a booth as we sell pretty much the same product, and we have much more fun that way.  And if one of us can’t be there, usually the other one can cover the booth.

Elf mugs for the camera
Elf mugs for the camera

The big fun today was that we had a visit with my husband’s cousins from New Jersey.  They were on their way to a camping vacation in Bar Harbor, so they stopped by for a few hours on the way.  It’s been a long time since we have seen them, and it was a lot of fun.  We spent some time in the fiber loft, and quite a bit of time with the animals as well.  It was just perfect.  The goats were over their midday naps and milled around trying to figure out who the new folks were.  Very nice day.


2 thoughts on “Summer Saturday”

  1. We really enjoyed our visit also! We had a great time seeing you, your place and your animals. It has been way too long since seeing you! We went on to enjoy a lovely week in Bar Harbor and Acadia, We were able to miss most of the really hot weather by taking advantage of the ocean breezes and had a lovely vacation. Back to work tomorrow 😦

  2. So glad you had a good week in Bar Harbor. It was definitely too long since we have had a chance to catch up with you!

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