July spinning retreat on the horizon

Tesser the Chihuahua may be the only one enjoying the heat and humidity!
Tesser the Chihuahua may be the only one enjoying the heat and humidity!

I am definitely looking forward to this coming weekend.  Our little spinning group, the Salt Bay Treadlers, has organized a 3.5 day retreat.  The Maine Spinner’s Registry does one in the summer and typically it takes place at a ski resort.  Two years ago Chris, Christine and I joined the larger group at Sugarloaf.  It was a fun weekend, although an extremely hot one.

This year 5 of our local group decided that we wanted to do some kind of get-away, but being a July weekend, did we want to go to the mountains, or possibly find a way to go to the ocean?  Connections were made, and we ultimately found a house to rent on the island of Vinalhaven.  It sounds like heaven right this minute, and I can’t wait to get out there on Thursday.  The heat and humidity continue, making life and farming just that little bit more challenging.  I really shouldn’t complain, most of the country is experiencing the same weather conditions, so it’s not anything anyone else isn’t coping with.  And at least close to the coast we are finding occasional onshore breezes every once in awhile.

Nonetheless, the thought of some time closer to the water with plenty of lovely walks, swimming, time for spinning/knitting as we please, and good company, is a powerful one.  Indeed, I find the preparations are a large part of the enjoyment of the weekend.  All of us are trying to decide what special projects we can take with us to work on, which books to pack, and also preparing all kinds of great food to share.  We are actually quite organized, and hopefully we have everything that we need, and probably will have a lot more!  All of us are enthusiastic, wonderful  cooks, so it should be a wonderful treat.  I am hoping to have lots of lovely photos to share when we return.  I don’t believe that we will have internet access, which should make the weekend even more relaxing :*)


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