Summer weekend retreat

Arrived back on the mainland last night after spending an absolutely awesome 3.5 days on Vinalhaven with 4 other Salt Bay Treadlers.  Wow is about all I can say!  We definitely had a fantastic and fiber-filled weekend.  The added bonus was that the mainland continued with extreme heat and humidity until early on Sunday morning, while the island wind and water kept us deliciously cool.  Not free from the humidity, but it was so much more comfortable that we were able to get a lot of fiber spun and knit.  The friendship and fun made it an extremely rejuvenating experience.

I will share more of our fun in the next few days.  Right now I will highlight our traveling photos. The ferry trip from Rockland, Maine to the island of Vinalhaven is about 1.25 hours.  Delightful in setting up the anticipation on the way over, and restful on the way home, giving us a nice transition from the weekend.  I love being out on the water and this was a real treat!

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