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Carded fleece that I am planning on plying with the silk/camel
Carded fleece that I am planning on plying with the silk/camel

Well, two days of IT training in Brunswick and one day in Rockland have left me pretty beat.  Today was a rainy one so it didn’t feel bad being inside. Lots of good and exciting stuff there, and it definitely has me more excited about the new school year than usual!

Spun silk/camel blend
Spun silk/camel blend

But, back to our fibery pursuits on the retreat last week!  We all had our separate projects, both knitting and spinning.  I accomplished an amazing amount of spinning, 4 oz of a silk/camel blend that I got from The Fold quite awhile ago now.  I have been planning on plying that with the fleece that I have been carding up from long ago (a Corriedale hogget fleece).  I am in love with the colors, all of them natural.  The fleece is a pinky/beige and the silk/camel is a white and beigey mix.  The photos probably don’t convey the real colors (I am not a great photographer, either).  These are not typical fibers for me, they are much more a ‘luxury’ type of spinning than I usually do (and much thinner than I usually spin).  I am very hopeful that I will be able to get more finished on this project before school begins again.

Shawl in progress
Shawl in progress

I also am continuing to knit on my shawl project, the High Plains Drifter pattern, out of our farm’s sock weight yarn (our sheep’s wool mixed with a little bit of a friend’s mohair).  I actually got quite a bit finished on our retreat, at least half of a 220 yard skein, and at least a quarter of the second 220 yard skein.  I am loving it, and it’s such an easy knit, not too much to keep track of, that I can take it with me places I would not take something a little more complicated.  This meant that when I got up at 5 a.m. and went outside with my first cup of coffee to admire the view and the sun coming up, I didn’t have to strain my brain to get some knitting done!

A felted stitch marker on my high plains drifter shawl
A felted stitch marker on my high plains drifter shawl

All of our fiber friends had wonderful projects going, and one of our fiber group, Kelley, also brought all of her beading materials and taught us to make felted stitch markers.  They were a lot of fun!  And I already am using most of the markers that I made.  They are lightweight and really easy to use.  Plus, they are rather beautiful.

One other fiber pursuit that I do not have any photographic evidence of is that our friend Chris taught us all how to do the Magic Loop method of knitting in the round.  I have thought that it was a giant mystery, but now I can visualize the process.  The next mitt or sock that I make will be using the Magic Loop. Great stuff!

And so our fiber retreat really was a huge success.  I know that I didn’t want to get off the ferry and get back into everyday life, but it certainly is a wonderful bunch of memories that I will certainly enjoy for quite some time. And there is always next summer’s retreat to begin planning!


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