Perfect end to July


The kind of days that I dream about are here. I love warm, dry days and cool to cold nights. August always seems to be that kind of month here, so it's a treat after all the nasty humidity we have coped with during July. The crickets are revving up their little songmakers and the grasshoppers are getting big.

High Plains Drifter

Yesterday I started on and continued many projects. Got a batch of soap going, made some more dryer balls in readiness for a housewarming gift, finished spinning 4 oz of the Corriedale fiber that I want to ply with the silk/camel blend, and tried to knit a few rows on my High Plains Drifter shawl/scarf. So many things happening at once had me a little crazed about the soap as I kept coming back to check the temperatures of both the oil and the lye/milk. I thought I had the temps about the same as usual, maybe just a tad lower than I usually do, but it didn't reach the trace point as it usually does. And when I was pouring it into the molds it continued to be very liquid-y. I was beginning to think it was a giant fail! I refused to hover, however, and I didn't check it until I was on my way to bed.

This morning it looks as though the soap is as hard as it should be, so I am very relieved! And the morning is a spectacular one, as you can see by the goats who didn't want to get up when I went out to do chores.



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