August is flying already

Sheep art
Sheep art

The first full week of August and the pressure is on.  Back to school gets closer all the time.  I have been busy this week and yesterday, luckily, was chock full of fun things.  Well, the doctor visit and a shot in my bursitis hip wasn’t exactly fun, but it sure beats the pain!

Crazy chicken art!
Crazy chicken art!

After the doc, I made my way (slowly due to all the traffic) out of town and went to meet my friend Chris at Halcyon Yarn in Bath.  Outside of a wonderful shop in itself, they were hosting a small crafts show on their upper two floors.  A good friend of ours, Heather Kerner of Spiralworks Felt, was participating.  Since she and her family live at least an hour + away, it was an opportunity to have a little visit with them. And the fair was wonderful!  Lots of lovely finished items were available, from knitting books, to sheep and chicken art, to woven, felted, netted and sewn items.

Lavender sachet pillow
Lavender sachet pillow

I was good and restrained myself… the only thing I bought is a lovely lavender sachet cleverly sewn from antique linens.

Salt Bay Treadlers first Wednesday meeting
Salt Bay Treadlers first Wednesday meeting

After I got home and did chores early, I rushed back to town for our first Wednesday spinning night!  It was full of great conversation, wonderful food, and lots of fiber.  I thought I would remember to take more photos, but alas, I only snapped one.  Needless to say, it was a fun evening.  Wish we weren’t all so busy that we couldn’t do more of them!

Today I am home and doing some cooler weather cooking, braised lamb shanks.  I had to look for a new recipe since recently my husband is having trouble digesting cooked tomato things.  :*(  I love my other recipes, but hopefully this one will be a winner.  It has lots of red wine in it, so how bad could it be!


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