Boys on the move

The boys. They are on their own tonight. Our little buckling, the one on the right, was in serious need of weaning. I am sure that SnowPea is pretty relieved not to have him giving her the business. Which all means that I am now going to be milking twice daily. Finally!
I tricked the boys and Zorro into the next paddock this afternoon, and while they ran in there to see what was up, the ewes that were in there ran into the other paddock to see what was going on in there. Phew! I didn't have to manhandle anyone to one side or to the other. Now all we have to do is get the 3 ram lambs in there with the two bucklings. As the nights grow colder, I am beginning to be worried about one of them getting riled up and breeding one of the ewes. We do not need any unexpected lambs :*)



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