John and I spent much of the morning doing outdoor sheep-related chores. After we came in and I took laundry off the line and out of the drier, I took it into the bedroom and realized that I could not put anything away. This is the kind of thing that happens as the schoolyear goes on. I usually begin the year in a very organized way, with my work clothes for all seasons allotted to their specific places, and sad to say, as the year goes on things go very wrong.

With our timberframe house, we don't have a lot of 'built-in' storage. The only real closet in the house is in our bedroom. Definitely a design flaw! And while the closet is a nice one, I don't have a bureau or dresser, so I improvised by putting a stack of Elfa drawers in there. Which of course takes up quite a bit of the space! Not so bad, but when things are just shoved in and hanging out of every opening, it becomes pointless to even put anything away. That's when we begin creating 'clean' piles around the edges of the room. Small clean area rug? Put a clean pile on it. Stack of magazines over there? Put a clean pile on it. Any spot that looks promising gets covered in time.

The thing that got me started today was that I have to go to work tomorrow and I couldn't find the shirt I thought I would wear. As I began digging, I decided that I might as well do it. I was warm from the morning of outside work, and the bedroom had a cool breeze coming through. It was time.

I still have one drawer left that needs weeding and organization. But I am happy to say that I have a pile of clothes to go to GoodWill, and the summer organizing of the drawers will be complete. Love it!



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