August Monday

Beezus in the green
Beezus in the green

Beautiful days are here.  Busy days.  Crickets are keeping us company and the turkeys are hoofing it through the long grass with their broods.  I wish I could get a good photo of the hens and chicks, but they are extremely shy!

In the last few days we have had our group of ewes, does and lambs moving around the property eating up the grass and weeds.  Today when I came home from work I made sure everyone was doing ok and when it was time for everyone to go back into their paddock, I tried to keep back the 3 ram lambs for relocation purposes.  The nights are getting cooler, and the days are warm, which means that the ewes may begin to cycle any day now, if they aren’t already. The rams have been showing interest in the moms, so I needed to get them moved in with the llama and the two bucklings.

Ram lamb is not happy!
Ram lamb is not happy!

Easier said than done!  I got the ram lamb who refused to go back into the paddock on a halter, which is not something lambs take to very graciously!  It was a little awkward, but we finally got into Zorro the llama’s area. The other two ram lambs weren’t difficult to catch, and their behaviors were pretty similar. We took it slowly and got there in the end, and now all the testosterone on 4 legs is in one paddock.  Phew!


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