Road trip!

Yesterday two of us went on a little toot.  Christine of Maine Fiberarts and I headed north to Bangor, Maine early in the day.  We decided to avoid the northbound Route 1 Saturday traffic and take some backroads, which was a great choice.  It was infinitely more interesting to drive off the beaten path and go through some towns that I rarely visit, even though we do not live that far from them.  We did miss one turn and ended up in downtown Camden, but we soon located Route 52 and continued on our way.

Our first goal was to visit with Jody Clayton of One Lupine Fiber Arts at her gallery/workshop right in Bangor.  We did get sidetracked in Searsport for a wee visit to a newly opened used book shop, which specializes in used fiber-related books.  The owner is lovely and is also a spinner, so she had her wheel right there and an amazing nook full of wonderful knitting books.(I scored a hardcover that I do not own by Clara Parkes, The Knitter’s Guide to Yarn). Unfortunately, I did not note the name of the bookstore, and it is so new I am not finding it on the town’s Chamber of Commerce site.  It’s tiny, but definitely worth a visit!

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After that stop we did not get sidetracked and found Jody’s gallery in Bangor, which is a city I am totally unfamiliar with.  As with many other large Maine cites, it straddles a beautiful stretch of the Penobscot River.  We found the gallery easily and spent quite a bit of time there. Upstairs is the gallery, and downstairs we found a combination yarn/fiber shop, with a felting class carrying on in the work area.  Christine and I had a wonderful time there, and of course came back with a few treasures of the fibery sort.  I found some lovely fiber batts that Jody had dyed and carded up (a Merino/Romney/Bamboo blend) and I also bought some beautifully dyed bundles of bamboo fiber.  I have never spun with bamboo, but it is very lustrous and looks a lot like silk.  So I have plenty of interesting stuff to play with for the end of the summer and the beginning of the school year!

After our visit there, we found an Indian restaurant where we had an amazing lunch.  Then we headed east for a tour of a sheep dairy farm.  Northern Exposure Farm is a relatively new dairy farm and it’s set in an amazingly beautiful spot.  We spent the afternoon there and learned a lot about their operation, and also got to meet their beautiful sheep, East Friesians (one of the few sheep breeds that are specifically used for their milk production).  We got a milking demo as well!  Heaven! I know that we will never have such a large-scale dairy setup with our goatie girls, but it’s sure nice to dream a little :*)


Note:  I don’t know if anyone will notice, but one of the lambs in the front of the lamb photo is having a lovely pee! How rude that we immortalized the moment!


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