Great weekend

Dessert looks too good to be true!
Dessert looks too good to be true!

It was a fabulously beautiful weekend as far as the weather was concerned!  Coolish, almost cold nights, and warm and sunny days with a steady breeze.  The perfect weather for pulling fence down in the field. Well, kinda :*) The electric net was stuck in the tall grass down there and it was a slow and steady (sometimes painful) backbreaking time getting it untangled from the grass and rolling it up.  It was not a fun job, but the field desperately needs to be mown.

A bobbin full of the Blue Faced Leicester/Silk blend.  Love the colors!
A bobbin full of the Blue Faced Leicester/Silk blend. Love the colors!

Yesterday, however, was a totally fun day.  A few of us got together for an afternoon of spinning fun and some lunch along with it.  We had a great time out on Hatchtown Farm‘s screened porch, visited with the sheep, and actually got a whole lot of spinning accomplished.  It was a relaxing day full of good company and good food.  And Gemma the Golden Doodle kept us company, as well as a nonchalant eye on the food table.

The sociable girl
The sociable girl

Now it’s back to getting ready for the first “official” day back at work, Wednesday.  I have not gotten used to sleeping in at all during the summer, but I don’t usually get up at 4:15, either!  5:30 has been my hour of choice for most of August.  Ah well, it will take a little time to get into the routine again, but the year is marching on.  (I can tell by the way my husband angsts over the almanac information each morning on the weather, which notes how many hours and minutes of daylight we have lost since the summer solstice!).  I may actually be doing chores in the dark already!

One thought on “Great weekend”

  1. Your wool looks just beautiful, Minty and Meadow just got into a bad weed and are covered in striky seeds, so much for their fleeces some spring. ah well.. great that you have so much grass it needs mowing! have a lovely day, back at work! c

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