Where is the ark when you need it?

I think that we have had more rain in the past 24 hours than we have had all summer. Sleeping was not even an option during the night as the rain not only poured buckets, but the lightning strikes sounded waaay too close for comfort!

I must have tossed and turned for 2-3 hours and finally fell back to sleep around dawn, and then of course overslept. When I went out to do chores, SnowPea was not convinced to get onto the milking stand, as it was wettish and a little slippery. (I really have to put a new tarp on that greenhouse before the wet weather of the autumn…). She would not budge, so back I headed to the house and grabbed some old towels and put one on the milk stand, and one on the plywood floor in front of that. She actually got onto the milk stand and turned and kissed me! (Well, it's more of a lick, but she was pretty happy). And so it goes

I had all kinds of plans for the last day before school begins in earnest, and of course I ended up doing something totally different! I went upstairs with my iPad into the fiber loft and tried to listen to a podcast while I continued to organize fleeces, roving, sewing paraphernalia, etc. We have a metal roof, and being upstairs means you are up close and personal to it as it's a timberframe construction, and I had to turn off the podcast. All I could hear was the rain on the roof, and the rain pouring off the dormer across the back. I can't complain, it had its own relaxing charm :*) I actually got a lot more accomplished up there than I thought I would, so I can't say that I am unhappy with my progress. There were a few lulls in the action and I managed to catch at least half of one of my favorite podcasts, Knit Knit Cafe.

And so it goes. We had a tiny lull in the rain, but chores were extremely messy. It's thundering and lightning again. Oh well! Here's hoping for a good night's sleep before the alarm at 4:20!


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