A Hay kind of afternoon

Hay man
Hay man

Luckily the weather has changed for what I believe is the better. Cooler, lovely breezes, in the 60s.  Can’t get any better than that!  Of course, back to school means not being out and enjoying the day, but when our hay man called yesterday and said that he could deliver a load, it was a good excuse to leave right at the end of the working day today and come home and get some time outside.

It was a pretty big load, and even though my husband wasn’t here to do his usual stacking thing, we got it taken care of in a relatively short time.  It’s good to have hay in the greenhouse (or snake house as a friend calls it).  Actually we didn’t come across any snakes this afternoon, which is unusual.  Maybe last night was so cold that they went into hiding elsewhere (it was in the high 30s or low 40s). So I am tired but pleased that we at least have one load in.  We don’t have enough room to put up our whole season’s hay at once, we do have to keep buying it through the year.  But anything is a help.

After that I took a half hour to put my feet up and have a little glass of wine before regular evening milking and chores.  Then I went out and got everyone taken care of, and now we are having a lovely evening in.  Love a nice Friday evening in!


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