New pen

Yesterday was bright and warm, and as we were able to get an able-bodied teenager to come over and work with us, it was time for some winter fencing prep.

Working on the gate
Working on the gate

The boy’s area was cobbled together last November at the last moment, we had not expected to be using that side of the paddocks. So the green panels and galvanized panels, as well as the gates, were very hastily put up and they have been questionable ever since.  So it was time to get some of the 16′ cattle panels set up, finally.  The problem with those is that we need to pound green t-posts in to hold them up.  That’s usually the point where I have to walk away.  I can pound posts in in some parts of the paddocks, but where the boys are is a little rockier, and the earth is shallower there, over the granite outcropping.  So it’s a tricky one.  And someone with more power on the sledgehammer needs to be working with me!

My step grandson came over and we got to work.  It was difficult, but we got it in the end.  We moved the perimeter back a little bit so it’s easier to get a truck in and turned for deliveries and animal pickups.  And we really nailed the gate, I think.  Wow.  What a relief!  I still have more work to do on the other pens, but this was a huge step in the right direction.  Of course, today I could barely move my arms, my shoulders hurt, and, well, everything aches!  And I feel like I am coming down with a cold, but am hoping it’s just allergies.  The ragweed is really bad right now, and the wind has picked up.

Finished pen in the afternoon light
Finished pen in the afternoon light

So it was a good weekend. Today I got a little reading and resting in.  After the rain let up it was a gorgeous but cool day, windy and bright.  It really is getting on to autumn. Unfortunately, we still have a 90 degree day or two to go this week.  But it’s almost time for the 3 lambie boys to be leaving us, off to freezer camp.  The milestones of the year are definitely clicking by.


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