Just a pain

Gotta love these air casts!  No more fighting with the old Ace bandages
Gotta love these air casts! No more fighting with the old Ace bandages

I must have sprained my head before I sprained my ankle.  Another notch in my klutz belt, I guess.  Wednesday afternoon as I was going out to chores, I paused on the back steps as my husband called to me about something. When I got moving, I think I forgot that I was not on the bottom step, landed on the side of my left foot and went down.  And so it goes.  At least there are no broken bones!

Of course the sheep and goats hate a schedule change.  By the time we got home from the hospital on Wednesday evening, they were not happy.  Particularly not happy to see John instead of me.  Well, most just were annoyed at the late dinner hour.  SnowPea, however, had a tantrum and wouldn’t let her milk down for John.  She is a funny girl.  I figured that by the next morning she would be uncomfortable enough that she would let him milk her.  Same story again.  So by Thursday afternoon I talked John into driving me up to the greenhouse. SnowPea was a little alarmed at the crutches, but she was more than grateful to see me.  She kissed me as she got onto the milk stand.

Foot is much better this morning.  I am tired of sitting and anxious to get back to all the things I need to do.  We had the shearer scheduled for this afternoon with our 3 ram lambs, but all the rain we have been having combined with my gimpiness has put that off.  Luckily, the long range forecast for next weekend looks good.  So Emily will join us just in the nick of time, as the boys go to the butcher the next morning.  Phew!  Usually it all comes together in the end, but sometimes the cliffhanger is a killer!


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