Seasonal goings on

Early fall birch ridge
Early fall birch ridge

Along with the autumn inevitably come the trips to the butcher.  We did not have as many lambs this year as usual, and the last three who were not sold at weaning, are ready to go.  Before that happens, however, I have to decide if I am going to take their fleeces off to use in yarn, or leave it on and process them as pelts.

Boys in their pen, post-shearing
Boys in their pen, post-shearing

The disrepair of our greenhouses has pretty much decided this question for me.  Salting and drying the pelts before sending off to the tannery has become very difficult (due to the tears in the greenhouse covers), so I had our favorite shearer Emily come yesterday.

Emily and the white ram lamb
Emily and the white ram lamb

Luckily, the weather cooperated with us and they were nice and dry when Emily got here. It was a quick visit, and the three boys were actually a lot cleaner than I expected, even though they have been eating hay and exposed to some muddy situations.  My next job is to sort all the fleeces we have upstairs and make some decisions about what to make into yarn or roving, and which colors to combine or not.  Then to send it off to the mill. I really need to get this under control, we can barely get from the top of the stairs to the bedroom up there!


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