Last week of September

photo (21)I can’t believe it’s here already.  Autumn and cooler weather, although this weekend is supposed to be in the 70s. We have had a very overcast week, but there were moments when the sun was out and smiling at us as well.  Like today during the fire drill!  I could have stood out in the parking lot with my face pointed at the sun for a lot longer than we were allowed.

Beginning of the school year is hard on the system, and even though I am into the schedule and wake up before the alarm goes off at 4:15, I am just tired.  So I have not been blogging regularly as I am just trying to hold on long enough each day to stay awake until a decent bedtime hour.  Aargh.  This will get better, but my back is aching and my foot is still a swollen, black and blue mess.  Although as soon as I began using Arnica gel it really started to heal faster.  But all my limping has my hips out of whack, so that just makes it worse!  Moan, moan, groan groan!

On a more positive note, I have taken back a few more of the morning and evening chores. Slowly but surely I am hoping to get back onto an even footing (no pun intended!).  And even though work has been crazy, it’s good getting back into the routine and seeing all my colleagues.  That’s not to say that I am not looking forward to the weekend!  Tomorrow is Friday all day :*)


2 thoughts on “Last week of September”

  1. gathering up the reins so to speak, it is awful when we can’t get out there and keep an eye on things in a regular way.. feet up for some of the weekend though! teaching is not the best recovery time for a foot.. the sun at this time of year is so precious.. c

  2. I know, teaching is a tough one for this kind of healing… but things have been getting rapidly better since I began using Arnica gel at a friend’s suggestion. You never know!

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