Autumn arrives

Late flowers from our friend's garden
Late flowers from our friend’s garden

And the great weather has not deserted us!  Autumn has officially begun and the days are getting shorter, but the sun is still shining brightly and our days have been lovely.  Of course it’s difficult to get out there and enjoy it with school and meetings, etc., but this weekend has been a real blessing.  Dry, with temperatures in the 60s, we had great fun with our grandson outside yesterday afternoon.  Digging and playing with the hay from the floor of the ‘hay’ greenhouse.  And today I had a chance to spend some time with our friend Chris in Brunswick out in their lovely screened porch, knitting and spinning.  Then we spent some time in the garden, where Chris cut us some sunflowers, dahlias and some herbs.  Lovely!

My ankle is growing stronger, but I still cannot get my chore boots on over the swelling.  Soon, I hope.  So I do part of the chores, and my husband does the rest.  It works.  And ever since I began using Arnica gel on the foot, the bruising and swelling has gone down dramatically.  Gotta love those old remedies.  But since I am walking in a stilted manner, my sciatica and hip bursitis has flared.  I am hoping the stationary bike helps with that, now that I can get on it again!  It’s always a challenge.


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