Old Subaru Forester
Old Subaru Forester

It was about time!  Time to see the old cars exit the driveway.  The 11 year old Subaru as well as the 1989 Jeep Cherokee.  It was amazing :*)  The old Jeep didn’t have inflated tires, so the man had to put it on the flatbed and tow the other vehicle he had just picked up, and the Subaru was driven off by his friend, behind the tow truck.  Wow.  A lot of good memories and good times.

1989 Jeep Cherokee
1989 Jeep Cherokee

I don’t know why we even moved the old Jeep up to Maine with us, but we did.  It’s been a pain in the neck all these years.

Tow truck followed by the Subaru...
Tow truck followed by the Subaru…

The room in the driveway is definitely welcome, particularly with the winter coming.


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