Prelude to goat breeding

Beige Boy in all his stinky glory
Beige Boy in all his stinky glory

If I had any doubts about Beige Boy (the buckling that was born to SnowPea the day after Memorial Day), they are gone.  That little bugger definitely understands about the ladies, and he is ready for them!

While I was doing chores this morning I bent over to put the grain in the feeder for the two bucks and Zorro the Llama, and as I was standing up I was briefly eye to eye with BB and I not only got a close-up view, but a good sniff.  Wow!  Rank! He must have just started in the last few days as I have not noticed before. He is peeing on his front legs and rubbing it all over his face.  Ah, the delights of goat courting and breeding season :*)  He is spending most of his time mooning next to the fence, calling to the girls.  When one comes closer he begins to chortle at them.  What a hoot!  He is definitely the man of the day.  And the girls are finding him very interesting indeed.  He may have to moon over them for a few more weeks, I am planning on trying the breeding group together in November.  I am hoping for goat kids in April, preferably as close to (or into) my April week off! If I were a betting sort, I would probably bet against myself.  Things don’t usually work out that neatly!

A lot of flirting going on here
A lot of flirting going on here

I wonder if Beige Boy knew I was deciding which way to run with the breeding plan.  If so, he has sold himself well.  I don’t think our little Bagels the Alpine/LaMancha buck is really up to tackling things this year.  He has been fighting worminess and anemia, and I think he can just grow and wait to be our most important guy for next year.


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