Feels more like November

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We have been very lucky not to have to turn on the heat until the end of last week.  The week has been mostly beautiful, with bright moonshine and frosty mornings.  But the temperature has taken a nose dive, and I have been scrambling to get my chore clothes figured out.  Work clothes, as well.  Transition seasons are always a little crazy in the clothing department!

My husband and I have been on a quest to find a decent hooded sweatshirt that isn’t as heavy as a Carhartt model.  John and I have been wrangling over the same ripped up, saggy hoodie for the last two years and we decided to travel down to Freeport and check out LL Bean.  Little did we know that there was a huge pumpkin-carving festival going on (proceeds of which are going to Camp Sunshine).  It was wonderful!  Some very creative pumpkin carvings.  Something like 6,000 pumpkins had been donated.  (And we both bought amazing hooded sweatshirts that are lightly lined, and just perfect – in different colors so there should be no thievery!).

It’s a very cloudy, blustery day today, and it didn’t feel like a chore to zip around the Midcoast. We had a very lovely day.  I have not been good about blogging in the last week or so, and I have a collection of photos for the post that are random from the last few days.  And, it feels like a hot drink kind of evening, although what that might be I just don’t know!


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