Those crazy boys

Bagels our Alpine/Lamancha buckling
Bagels our Alpine/Lamancha buckling

It’s that time of year.  The goatie boys are definitely getting ripe. Bagels the brown buck is not quite as ready for the ladies as Beige Boy, aka Mr. Nasty.  Yes, Mr. Nasty.  For a buck under a year old, he is amazingly pungent and is very adept at peeing on his legs and rubbing it all over his face.  I don’t even have to be halfway up the driveway and I can already get a whiff.  And now comes the dangerous part:  he is very friendly to me right now because he can smell the girls on my clothing.  Which means that he may be more willing to challenge me once he is in with the does.  But for now, he spends his days with his head through the fence calling to the girls, who tease him mercilessly.  I am afraid he is going to have to wait another week.  At least he has not been able to get over or through the fence like happened at Butting Heads Farm!

Mr. Nasty, mugging through the fence
Mr. Nasty, mugging through the fence

So this year I am not up nights worrying about whether or not the artificial insemination is going to work or not, like in the last two autumns.  We are going to have an old fashioned breeding, and cross our fingers and toes that all four does get bred.  One more week and we can let the little guy in with the girls.  I just hope they don’t beat him up!


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