More crazy boychiks


In the past week since I wrote the post about which buckling is really ready to tackle the four does, I have seen a huge change in Bagels the Brown Buck.  It’s amazing, really!  Now he is spending all his time at the fence, peeing on his legs and crooning at the girls.  I did some fence-tightening on Sunday afternoon because he was so beside himself I wondered if he could squeeze through.  Monday morning I knew why!

We have come a long way since this photo!
We have come a long way since this photo!

Even in the dark as I walked up to the pens I could see that Bagels was glued to his side of the fence, and Elf, our oldest doe, glued on her side of the fence, flagging her tail like mad. They were so seriously in love that even the grain in the feeders did not call them away.  So while everyone else was busy breakfasting, I thought I would give love a little help. I put Bagels on a lead and we nipped through the gate and into that dark little corner of the girls’ pen, and Bagels learned about the birds and the bees.  The look on his little goatie face was priceless!  It was a classic moment, a goatie coming of age :*)

Amazingly, I got him back into his little corner of the world before any of the others noticed what was going on. Phew!  And if we caught Elf at the right time in her estrus cycle, her kids are due on Friday, April 4th.  Wow.


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