Weekend love and fences

Our two Stud Muffins
Our two Stud Muffins

Yesterday morning when I went out to do chores (I did sleep in a little, so I was later than usual) I saw Pippi and SnowPea plastered against the fence, cooing at the boys. SnowPea would not leave Bagels’ side, and Pippi was making eyes at Beige Boy. Oy. I am not quite ready to get them cohabiting, but I decided to give breeding a push and I set up a small pen on the boys’ side of the fence. After I fed the grain out to both groups, I got SnowPea into the pen and let Bagels in with her (and there was no hesitation there, that’s for sure!) .  When Pippi got a turn, she was not so happy about it. Poor Bagels, he really took a bit of a beating. It turns out that Pippi was holding out for Beige Boy! Funny how that happens. SnowPea wouldn’t give Beige Boy a second glance, thank goodness because he is her son, but Pippi would have none of that. They are a hoot.

Can I meet another one of those girls?  Please?
Can I meet another one of those girls? Please?

Today we got a stand-in tarp on the lambing greenhouse (not a real livestock greenhouse cover, but one of the ‘heavy-duty’ black and green tarps) and I worked on fences after that all afternoon. We are one step closer to having the ewes’ side of the paddock ready for them. Tomorrow I have a Monday holiday, and after my doctor appointments, hopefully I can get some more accomplished out there. It should even be a nicer day than today, so maybe I will work up a real head of steam.

So the two white goats are now bred, we think. Which makes three out of the four. Now all we have to worry about is Zelda.  I am still aiming to get Bagels in with the girls after I get the ewes moved into the other paddock, and if any of them come into heat again I will have to decide whether or not to put Beige Boy in, or let Bagels try one more time. Working with unproven rams or bucks is always a white-knuckle deal. You never know, but the AI we did in the past two years did not get us results, so we are going back to square one. And I am hoping to be able to keep Bagels around for a few years. He has an amazingly great personality, and is cute as a button on top of it!


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