Calmer days

photo (25)Things have calmed down a little bit in the last few days. None of the animals got hurt (that I am aware of) in the change over of groupings. I have to get used to the new feeding amounts, so my schedule has changed quite a bit at chore time as well. It’s an adjustment!

I am getting a little bit of a rest from cheese-making because I wormed SnowPea the other day.  As the does may be pregnant I had to use Ivomec as a dewormer so we don’t have as long a waiting period as we would if we used a “white” wormer like Valbazen. I have not read any information coming out of the United States on these wormers used on goats (Ivomec was made for cows and pigs and is “off label” for goats and sheep). But the Brits have done a lot more research on wormers made for cattle and used in small ruminants, which is definitely helpful. So I usually only wait 5 days after giving Ivomec, which will take us to the weekend and then I will start collecting the milk again. Kind of nice not having the milk bucket and bottling cleanup chores for a few days! It’s a mini vacation :*)

Anyhow, the temperatures have dropped radically over the past 12 hours and the wind is blowing hard. Winter is probably on it’s way. The countdown is on in our house to the Solstice! Daylight, such a blessing!


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